Zombies – NTH 2.42

Zombies! Nudity! Nude Zombies! Must be Halloween. NTH is proud to present a Rob Parrish/Maurice Martin collaboration – Next To Heaven: Zombies! Maurice pitched in during Season 1 of NTH as well. That masterwork can be see at here. Thanks Mo!  

Sunday Supper – NTH 2.41

To quote Pink Floyd . . . “just another brick in the Wall.” Thanks to: my good friend and talented writer Gareth Branwyn for playing Brenda’s Son; Dan Tauge for allowing his wonderful artwork to be used in the film; Jayme McLellan for letting us shoot in her amazing art space – Civilian Art Projects. […]

Cartoon Beatles Acid – NTH 2.40

My supplier from Oakland introduced me to his new product, “Animated Beatles Blotter” – Well, I had to try it. So begins our 40th episode of the season! The last 12 episodes are going to be fun! We’ll have guests from the DC Art World — Victoria F. Gaitán and Jessika Den Tarr! Also, super […]

A B C – NTH 2.39

The Washington City Paper on A B C: “This is either brilliant, straight-faced satire or one of the worst attempts at action movie dramatics this side of Uwe Boll.” Now, you, kind viewer, can decide for yourself — Brilliant or Worst!! A B C was an official selection of this year’s DC Short Film Festival. […]

Titan – NTH 2.38

A tip of the hat to one of the best cartoons ever made, the Ren & Stimpy “Space Madness” episode. This episode also features a “space jam” by my Plums band mates, Martha Hamilton and John Howard.

Sucrets – NTH 2.37

http://vimeo.com/71928658[\embed] Sometimes you just need to find a way to kill, to smoke, and to take one more step toward the grave.

For Steve – NTH 2.34

All the best Steve! Putting aside my first three movies (made on a 3/4 inch linear system), I’ve made all my 200 plus films on a Mac. I love it – it’s a very happy day when I spend part of it with FCP. Of course I’m a bit worried about FCPX, but I’m hoping […]

Don Knotts: Bad Ass MF’er – NTH 2.33

This episode features the first 1m 30s of a massive power track, Das Boot in das Wasser, by The Plums. You’ll want to buy their newly-released record, “The White LP.” BTW, not only is Don a stone-cold killer, he was a real prima donna on the set. But, hey, great artists can be that way. […]