NTH Secrets Leak!

My friend Maurice Martin has drafted up this thoughts regarding the launch of NTH Season 2 and posted them on his blog, Surly Robot. Unfortunately, he gave away several of the secrets behind the “NTH method.” As Maurice’s leaks are spreading like wildfire throughout the Internet, I figured I’d post the offending text here so […]

Pot Girl – NTH 2.1

Thanks Dawn and Paris for participating in the first episode of Season 2 of Next To Heaven! Dawn is an extremely talented jewelry designer. Please, please do a nice thing for yourself, check out her wares and buy at Poppi Shop. Paris is one of my best buddies and a fine filmmaker. Check out his […]

Season 2 Press Release

Next To Heaven Returns for a Second Season in 2011 What: Award-winning, surreal, funny, and disturbing remixes of vintage films and live action shorts Where: Nexttoheaven.net, robparrish.blip.tv/, or youtube.com/user/robparrish When: Every Wednesday (starting on January 12, 2011) Contact: Rob Parrish at hoppervideo@hoppervideo.net Preview: See three sneak peek episodes of Next To Heaven Season 2 here, […]