Cartoon Beatles Acid – NTH 2.40

My supplier from Oakland introduced me to his new product, “Animated Beatles Blotter” – Well, I had to try it. So begins our 40th episode of the season!

The last 12 episodes are going to be fun! We’ll have guests from the DC Art World — Victoria F. Gaitán and Jessika Den Tarr! Also, super talented DC-based writer and raconteur Gareth Branwyn will star in film featuring the art of New Orleans artist Dan Tague. DC Playwright, Maurice Martin and I have collaborated on a zombie episode. We’ll also have the usual weirdness: episodes about taxidermy, invisible penises, and witches. So, you’re reading this deep into the description you’re likely a NTH fan. If so, please spread the word by e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks!