A B C – NTH 2.39

The Washington City Paper on A B C: “This is either brilliant, straight-faced satire or one of the worst attempts at action movie dramatics this side of Uwe Boll.” Now, you, kind viewer, can decide for yourself — Brilliant or Worst!!

A B C was an official selection of this year’s DC Short Film Festival. I had a great time at the Festival. Thanks DC Shorts!

Here’s the backstory of the film:

Max Cook, a DC-based professional photographer, wanted to experiment with the movie-making functions of his high-end digital SLR. He mentioned this to Arlington-based art photographer, Jason Horowitz (2011-2012 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship) at a party. In short order, Jason’s wife, Jackie Steven (Rosebud Film & Video Festival Director and Director of Community Programs at Arlington Independent Media) and Rob Parrish (Award winning video artist/filmmaker – Producer of the web-series Next To Heaven) were on board to make a movie.

Fueled by liquor and a rock band-like team spirit the group began work on a short film. Rob, who carries a back-load of scripts to be produced for his web-series, offered the group three scripts. The group picked one, made edits and dove into movie making. Jackie held the laboring oar on logistics and lighting. Max and Jason shot the film and Rob rummaged about the set telling the actors they looked good. Rob also cut the film.

“A B C” tells the story of two young criminals (played by Joey Ibanez and Bryan Norrington) who have come to the end of their violent ride. Cornered by the police, our anti-heroes still have a couple issues to work out. And therein hangs the tale.

Web links:
Max Cook
Jason Horowitz
Jackie Steven

Thanks also to Vanessa Strickland for her make-up work and Jeffery Horowitz for being our production assistant.