Monolith – NTH 2.32

An homage to one my favorite films — 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are also references to Alien, David Bowie, and a beloved childhood sugar fix.

Eternal Life – NTH 2.30

A post-Singularity life form surfs the Universe with access to just about everything . . . so, why does he sound a bit bored? Special thanks to our pre-Singularity performers – Shawn Adams, George d’Adhemar, Ian Armstrong, Jackie Flanagan, and the incomparable Victoria F. Gaitan. And extra special thanks to Richard Chartier and Robert Eckhardt […]

Batshit – NTH 2.29

The aliens are coming, a tiny mouth-dwelling Bill Cosby is the leader, and our “hero” gets hot sex . . . welcome to Batshit.

Rivals – NTH 2.28

So, my brother was a chimp. He knew he was different, and that made him a bit insecure, but he did make good in the end. I sure miss the little guy! This is his story.

Judy’s Smile – NTH 2.27

I had to check with my wife to see if I’d crossed to the too weird line on this one. She green lighted it, but said I was indeed brushing against the line. As Cary would say, “Judy, Judy, Judy!” BTW, while I’m pulling the curtain back, I’ll mention that this episode is the 1st […]

Elf Bankers – NTH 2.25

Harry, the banking elf, explained to his much taller co-worker, “Sometimes you earn the right to to do things purely for yourself. Like a lot of other guys WE paid our dues . . .” So begins the story of the world’s first and last (as far as the NTH research department can discern) pair […]

Cavities – NTH 2.23

When my dentist Dad found that I had three cavities I was in big trouble. This one has some of the most beautiful and surreal images of the season. And, it has great music by The Plums! Check them out here.