Private – NTH 2.11

A deer head’s secret past and current life revealed. You just never know who’s watching. Big thanks to the marvelous Karen Louise Crain for hosting the shoot and playing the victim of peeping. And thanks to Nathan, wherever you are . . .

Flat – NTH 2.10

Dad brings home some new records and they change everybody a lot and maybe forever. Stranger things have happen.

Rest – NTH 2.9

“Rest” was shot in a New Jersey Mobil station’s mens’ room. I was on a road trip with my family and I needed to go to the bathroom. After I finished, I said to my wife, “I need a few minutes to shoot the men’s room.” She said, “Ok, take your time.” I obviously married […]

Smokey NTH 2.8

It’s a familiar tale, rich girl gone bad. But, usually Smokey the Bear doesn’t make a speech.

Grocery God – NTH 2.6

A God of commerce, a Grocery God to be exact, reflects on his career and the love of his life.  The episode includes – bouffants, beautiful 1960’s groceries (check on the “Warhol” Brillo Box in the last shot), death, sex, and love.  Also, my friend Byron observed that the check out stations in the still […]

Sad Guy Thinking About Space – NTH 2.5

This episode is the product of a summertime date night with my buddy Paris (General Sherman from Ep. 2.4). “You talk like a man with a paper asshole” . . . one of my dear departed grandmother’s favorite sayings. No kidding . . . explains a lot.

Civil War Car – NTH 2.4

This is the longest NTH ever and the biggest departure from format.  Not one frame of public domain footage appears in this episode (although part of the music does hail from archive). However, I think it still retains its NTHness. The actors/co-writers — Paris Bustillos, Chris Griffin, and Maurice Martin, all have some really […]

The Burn – NTH 2.3

“Every few years we burned the whole town down . . .” Welcome to another world, not that far from our world.