African Queen – NTH 2.22

The Fisherman and the Chef — they were cast out of this world. They were so close to bliss, yet so far. I’ve seen it so often in the real world. It’s not very much less real on a fantasy ship with an endless supply of seafood.

Headache – NTH 2.21

A man escapes an A-bomb in a suitcase, and then things get weird. Headache is a re-mix of four Next To Heaven episodes from Season 1. Back in 2008, Headache appeared in the DC Shorts Film Festival.

Close Encounter – NTH 2.20

Did you know that sometimes the alien asks for permission first? Just kidding . . . they have mind control after all.

Goat Eyes – NTH 2.19

“When humans were modified to enable mental networking with others beings, it was quickly discovered that goats were extraterrestrial cyborgs. We also discovered, that goat programing had become corrupted back in the early 1970’s. From that point forward, all goat higher thought focused exclusively on _____.” Watch this episode and find out what those damned […]

Anna Thy Charms, Pt. 1 – NTH 2.18

Timmy’s bosom is on fire with unrequited love, and the fire is getting a bit too hot. NTH 2.0 returns to the theme of love, see Season Two Episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 15 for other discussions of the topic. Anna Thy Charms is a live action re-make of Episode 51 from Season […]

Happy Mother’s Day – NTH 2.17

“Well, there she is friends, my Mother . . . bird lady, raving, brittle, selfish, fucking nutcase.” So begins NTH’s tribute to Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to do something nice for the Moms in your life this Sunday. Luv you Mom!

Recursion – NTH 2.16

“My underwear was complicated and uncomfortable . . . My underwear was complicated and uncomfortable . . . My underwear was complicated and uncomfortable . . . My underwear was complicated and uncomfortable . . .”

DuPont – NTH 2.15

A cuckold and a murder most foul . . . very messy all and all. But, if your corporate overlord has your back, all is well!!

Cartoon Birds – NTH 2.13

I’m an object, he’s an object, she’s an object, we’re an object, wouldn’t you like to be an object too. Be an object!