Best ofSeason 2

Civil War Car – NTH 2.4

This is the longest NTH ever and the biggest departure from format.  Not one frame of public domain footage appears in this episode (although part of the music does hail from archive). However, I think it still retains its NTHness.

The actors/co-writers — Paris Bustillos, Chris Griffin, and Maurice Martin, all have some really funny moments in the episode, thanks for staying up late gents!!

A quick plug for Chris.  Chris has written and directed a play to be presented as part of Landless Theatre Co.’s Mash-Up festival at the D.C. Arts Center.  Chris’s play mashes up Tarzan/Porn with that “great” film musical Xanadu.  I’m going to check it out, you should too!  Click Chris’s name above for more info.