Next To Heaven – Episode 5

  As to this week’s movie I’ve got one word — Accountability. Music this week is by my friend and super talented artist, Dan Steinhilber. Read about him here, here, and here.

Next To Heaven – Episode 3

Taking a break from our Philadelphia street urchin, we delve into the world of assholes in the work place. It seemed appropriate to me at the moment. Perhaps it is something personal, or perhaps it is the revelations regarding the dysfunctional White House. In case you’ve been in a cave for the week, Bob Woodward, […]

Next To Heaven – Episode 2

The continuing adventures of a grown up Philadelphia street urchin from 1948. Tags: film, remix, drunk, heaven, dad, vlog, video

Next To Heaven – Episode 1

I download movies from I watch the movies. I write and record new audio. I re-cut the video to the new audio. Every Wednesday there will be a new movie. Today’s episode, our premiere, is part one of the sad saga of a man who has lost his youth and most everything else. He […]

Next To Heaven – Preview

Play Stay tunned! Weekly surreal re-mixes of vintage films coming soon. Tags: ultraviolet, remix, series, drunk, iraq, vlog, video