Next To Heaven – Episode 3

Taking a break from our Philadelphia street urchin, we delve into the world of assholes in the work place. It seemed appropriate to me at the moment. Perhaps it is something personal, or perhaps it is the revelations regarding the dysfunctional White House. In case you’ve been in a cave for the week, Bob Woodward, embarrassed by 6 years of Bush boot licking, returned to his roots of exposing the hubris of the powerful. Today’s Next To Heaven was build from a real U.S. civil defense film called “Our Cities Must Fight“. As you will see, the film contains a great example of the U.S. government telling the public a bald face lie relating to their safety. Seems familiar somehow.

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  1. You are stone twisted! You must have been mainlining the Prelinger collection something fierce.

    Duck and cover baby,


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