Next To Heaven: Episode 15

More gloom for the holidays!! Have a swell New Year. If you like Next To Heaven, please be so kind to tell your friends and enemies to tune in . . . especially if you’re good friends with Ze Frank or the cool folks at Boing Boing. (Special note to Chris S. — nice to […]

Next To Heaven: Episode 11

Do you know how many time zones were in the Soviet Union? Eleven. Welcome to Episode 11.  Leave a comment and say hi! Rodney would really appreciate it.

Next To Heaven: Episode 10

Welcome to the first holiday edition of Next To Heaven. This one wasn’t made especially for Thanksgiving, but it’s a nice fit. Enjoy the day, your friends, and loved ones. And give a thought to the folks that were here before the Europeans arrived. Check out my Thanksgiving post over at Hopper Video for some […]

Next To Heaven: Episode 9

One summer during college I worked on a General Motors assembly line. When you do the same thing 50 times an hour, 8 hours a day, some very strange things pop into your head. This video speaks to that long ago summer job. Thanks to Linda Hesh for her voice-over performance (the first guest voice-over […]

Next To Heaven: Episode 7

Happy Halloween! For those of you too young to recognize the graphics, this was built from a Dristan commercial.