NTH Season 2 Episode, “Winner” Nominated for a Rosebud Award!

This Saturday marks the 6th time I’ve been honored as a Rosebud Film and Video Festival Nominee. Season 2 Next To Heaven: Winner will be screened at 5:15 pm at Dome Theatre at Artisphere, Arlington, VA. The showcase includes 18 other films and runs from 2 pm to 6:30. Rosebud is an annual competition open […]

NTH Wins Third Rosebud Award for Judy’s Smile

Rob Parrish’s “Next To Heaven: Judy’s Smile” tells the story of a young boy having murderous thoughts about his sister, Judy – a girl who smiles continuously. The darkly humorous short film, constructed from a 1950’s educational film about personal hygiene, captured a Rosebud Award at the November 13, Rosebud Film Festival Awards Ceremony. For […]

The Guardian on Next To Heaven: “more brilliantly bizarre than ever.”

Thank you very much Johnny Dee and the Guardian! You can read the article here. The full text of the article follows: “Rob Parrish’s video series first hit the web in 2006, but has remained dormant for years. Now it’s back, more brilliantly bizarre than ever. The idea is straightforward “stock footage from the 50s […]

Haunted Drive-In Press Release

For NTH viewers in the DMV, here’s the press release for a one-time film program I curated for the The Fridge Gallery in DC.  It’s this Friday, please come out! Press Release for the The Haunted Drive-In at The Fridge Filmmaker/Video Artist Rob Parrish will be presenting “The Haunted Drive-In” on February 25th at D.C.’s […]

NTH Secrets Leak!

My friend Maurice Martin has drafted up this thoughts regarding the launch of NTH Season 2 and posted them on his blog, Surly Robot. Unfortunately, he gave away several of the secrets behind the “NTH method.” As Maurice’s leaks are spreading like wildfire throughout the Internet, I figured I’d post the offending text here so […]

Season 2 Press Release

Next To Heaven Returns for a Second Season in 2011 What: Award-winning, surreal, funny, and disturbing remixes of vintage films and live action shorts Where: Nexttoheaven.net, robparrish.blip.tv/, or youtube.com/user/robparrish When: Every Wednesday (starting on January 12, 2011) Contact: Rob Parrish at hoppervideo@hoppervideo.net Preview: See three sneak peek episodes of Next To Heaven Season 2 here, […]

Headache Announcement

  I’m delighted to announce that my video “Headache” will be featured this month at the DC Shorts Film Festival. “Headache” is a remix of five separate Next To Heaven episodes with newly created connective tissue weaving the episodes into a single storyline. “Headache” will be shown on September 13 (Midnight) and 15 (9:30) at […]