NTH Wins Third Rosebud Award for Judy’s Smile

Rob Parrish’s “Next To Heaven: Judy’s Smile” tells the story of a young boy having murderous thoughts about his sister, Judy – a girl who smiles continuously. The darkly humorous short film, constructed from a 1950’s educational film about personal hygiene, captured a Rosebud Award at the November 13, Rosebud Film Festival Awards Ceremony.

For 21 years the Rosebud Film Festival has recognized and honored the innovative, experimental, and deeply personal filmmaking originating in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Each year the festival features 20 films chosen from hundreds of entries, and awards five Rosebud Awards, which includes $1,000 prize.

This year’s Rosebud Award is Parrish’s fourth, and the third awarded for work originating from Parrish’s experimental web series “Next To Heaven” (NTH). Previous NTH winners were “The Tapes of My Father” (2007) and “Rest” (2009).

NTH’s second season is winding down with the 52nd and last weekly episode of Season 2 to be released on January 4, 2012. As well as being a regularly featured series on the Blip TV video portal, NTH was the UK’s Guardian Newspaper headline “a href=”http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/apr/30/internet-picks-of-the-week”>Internet Pick of the Week” earlier this year. The Guardian declared NTH’s second season, “more brilliantly bizarre than ever” and “œsuperbly executed.” NTH was also featured in: the DC Shorts Film Festival, The Final Girl Exhibition at the Washington Project for the Arts; the BITE Exhibition at the Greater Reston Arts Center (VA); Power Pop-A-Licious (Ashbury Park, NJ (curated by Jayme McLellan); and was the basis of Parrish’s “Haunted Drive-In” performance piece at DC’s Fridge Gallery.