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Haunted Drive-In Press Release

For NTH viewers in the DMV, here’s the press release for a one-time film program I curated for the The Fridge Gallery in DC.  It’s this Friday, please come out!

Press Release for the The Haunted Drive-In at The Fridge

Filmmaker/Video Artist Rob Parrish will be presenting “The Haunted Drive-In” on February 25th at D.C.’s Fridge Art Space.  The show starts at 8 pm.

The Haunted Drive-In is a special showing of the films of deceased Drive-In owner Frank Bernard.  Ms. Cynthia Bernard, Mr. Bernard’s widow, has asked Mr. Parrish to select and introduce the films for this event.  Mr. Bernard made these films using discarded industrial and educational films.  The films were kept secret during Mr. Bernard’s lifetime.  Ms. Bernard states that “Frank ask me to destroy the films on his deathbed, I told him I’d do no such f__ing thing. He spent so much time on these weird short films — damn it, they must be seen by the public.”  Like Ms. Bernard, the films are a bit profane, so this is an over-18 event.  Ms. Bernard will attend the screening and help introduce the films.

To celebrate the spirit of the Drive-In experience, guests are asked to bring flashlights and sleeping bags or other sit-upons.  This night of film and storytelling will be illuminated only by flashlights and projector light.

This event is part of the Fridge’s Fresh Produce Festival of Live Art.

The Fridge is located at 516 8th Street SE (Back Alley), Washington D.C., 20003

Rob Parrish, a Baltimore, Maryland native, is an Arlington, VA based video artist and filmmaker. Rob’s work has been shown at The Baltimore Museum of Art, Transformer Gallery (DC), Civilian Art Space (DC), The Museum of the Americas (DC), Curator’s Office (DC), The Washington Project for the Arts (DC), The Fridge (DC), The Pioneer Theatre (NYC), DC Shorts (DC), and, Pixelodeon at the American Film Institute (Los Angeles, CA).

Rob Parrish