Next To Heaven – 52

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I posted the first Next To Heaven on September 19, 2006, and today I post the 52nd. A year’s-worth of weekly short movies made from’s public domain footage – pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. I had a great time making NTH, and I think I learned a thing or two as well.

Thanks to all the people who took the time to comment. One of the best rewards of doing a videoblog is the people you get to interact with online.

Also a big thanks is due to those who helped get the word out about NTH – Freevlog, Ryanne Hodson, Michael Verdi, Karina Longworth, NewTeeVee, Blip TV, Eric Mortensen, Jay Dedman, The Daily Reel, TV Tonic, Mefeedia, Moocat, Podcast Salad, Bill Streeter, Jennifer Proctor, Cheryl Colan, Pixelodeon, Maurice Martin, The Clip Show, Cinema Minima, Rosebud Film & Video Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, United Vloggers, and Chris Griffin.

Of course, NTH would not have happened without the amazing film archive provided free to the whole world by and Rick Prelinger. All lovers and users of media are or will be in your debt!

This is not the end; I’m working on NTH Season Two. NTH’s second season will be in the spirit of the first, but will be something very different. Stay tuned for sneak peeks. I’m looking to roll out season two in the spring or summer of 2008.

In the meantime, a best of NTH collection will be selected and re-posted here and on all of the major video portals. I’m looking for a sponsor and perhaps a curator, anybody interested?

Finally, with NTH on hiatus, I’ll have more time to make video for my first videoblog – Hopper Video. So, if you’re not already a Hopper Video viewer please check it out. I’ve got some weird and wonderful videos in the pipeline!

Thanks for watching.


7 Responses to “Next To Heaven – 52”

  1. Jay Dedman Says:

    Funny that the series was so underground, but yet it’s really the model that others should follow. It always happens this way!

  2. Chris Thompson Says:

    Dear Rob:
    I had my computer worked on so I could finally see some of your work. I’m impressed! I would love to talk with you again soon.

  3. mike Says:

    Thank you for your contribution to my idle time and helping me find sites that free me from constant masturbation. (not that you site doesn’t have some masubatory material)

    Bon Voyag-E

  4. Michael Pick Says:


    Thank you for this work of (mashup) genius. When it’s far too late the rest of humanity will cotton onto this and pretend they were always down with NTH.

    As an aside – would love to interview you some time if you ever get a free moment.



  5. Charles Parrish Says:


    Great art, keep it up. Do-Be productive


  6. Fernando Batista Says:

    Hi Rob,

    It was good meeting you and Mary Beth. Oh God was her second name Beth? Seriously. I enjoyed checking out the blog. Stay in touch – now have my email and here are two links and

  7. Rich Says:

    When I heard about your films I was very excited. There is a guy name Craig Baldwin who’s been doing something similar with old footage and it’s fantastic. See Tribulation 99 for example. I have not seen very much but I have to say I am a bit disappointed. The vulgarity seems excessive and, all due respect, kind of childish. Is it necessary? Keep working with it.

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