Yellow Socks – NTH 2.52

Suicide. Unrequited love. Deception. Obsession. The end of the Earth, and dispersion of the Universe. So ends Season 2 of Next To Heaven . . . Enjoy! Thanks to everybody who worked on Yellow Socks: Producer/Sound – Tom Mallan; Actors – Ian Armstrong and Victoria F. Gaitán; Cinematographer – Paris Bustillos; Make-Up Artist – Vanessa […]

Ready – NTH 2.47

ARE YOU READY FOR THE APOCALYPSE!? This video won’t help, but watch it anyway to see one of the worst marionettes ever.

Sick – NTH 2.43

A collapsed love affair leads to nausea. The possible solution – fight nausea with more nausea. Special thanks to the wonderful, talented, and beautiful Jessika Dene Tarr for her acting work in this episode. My cool daughter also appears!  And, thanks to Belinda Holmes for supplying the music.

Sunday Supper – NTH 2.41

To quote Pink Floyd . . . “just another brick in the Wall.” Thanks to: my good friend and talented writer Gareth Branwyn for playing Brenda’s Son; Dan Tauge for allowing his wonderful artwork to be used in the film; Jayme McLellan for letting us shoot in her amazing art space – Civilian Art Projects. […]

Monolith – NTH 2.32

An homage to one my favorite films — 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are also references to Alien, David Bowie, and a beloved childhood sugar fix.

Rivals – NTH 2.28

So, my brother was a chimp. He knew he was different, and that made him a bit insecure, but he did make good in the end. I sure miss the little guy! This is his story.

Judy’s Smile – NTH 2.27

I had to check with my wife to see if I’d crossed to the too weird line on this one. She green lighted it, but said I was indeed brushing against the line. As Cary would say, “Judy, Judy, Judy!” BTW, while I’m pulling the curtain back, I’ll mention that this episode is the 1st […]