NTH Wins Third Rosebud Award for Judy’s Smile

November 14th, 2011

Rob Parrish’s “Next To Heaven: Judy’s Smile” tells the story of a young boy having murderous thoughts about his sister, Judy – a girl who smiles continuously. The darkly humorous short film, constructed from a 1950’s educational film about personal hygiene, captured a Rosebud Award at the November 13, Rosebud Film Festival Awards Ceremony.

For 21 years the Rosebud Film Festival has recognized and honored the innovative, experimental, and deeply personal filmmaking originating in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Each year the festival features 20 films chosen from hundreds of entries, and awards five Rosebud Awards, which includes $1,000 prize.

This year’s Rosebud Award is Parrish’s fourth, and the third awarded for work originating from Parrish’s experimental web series “Next To Heaven” (NTH). Previous NTH winners were “The Tapes of My Father” (2007) and “Rest” (2009).

NTH’s second season is winding down with the 52nd and last weekly episode of Season 2 to be released on January 4, 2012. As well as being a regularly featured series on the Blip TV video portal, NTH was the UK’s Guardian Newspaper headline “Internet Pick of the Week” earlier this year. The Guardian declared NTH’s second season, “more brilliantly bizarre than ever” and “superbly executed.” NTH was also featured in: the DC Shorts Film Festival, “The Final Girl” Exhibition at the Washington Project for the Arts; the “BITE” Exhibition at the Greater Reston Arts Center (VA); Power Pop-A-Licious (Ashbury Park, NJ (curated by Jayme McLellan)); and was the basis of Parrish’s “Haunted Drive-In” performance piece at DC’s Fridge Gallery.

Redwood – NTH 2.44

November 10th, 2011

Hey mister. Mister! Please don’t cut down my giant tree. Mister!

Music played by Belinda Holmes.

An Interview With Rob Parrish, Creator Of The Web Series NEXT TO HEAVEN – twitch.com!

November 7th, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ben Umstead for twitch.com.  Check it out here.  Thanks to Ben and Twitch!

Sick – NTH 2.43

November 3rd, 2011

A collapsed love affair leads to nausea. The possible solution – fight nausea with more nausea. Special thanks to the wonderful, talented, and beautiful Jessika Dené Tarr for her acting work in this episode. My cool daughter also appears! And, thanks to Belinda Holmes for supplying the music.

Zombies – NTH 2.42

October 27th, 2011

Zombies! Nudity! Nude Zombies! Must be Halloween. NTH is proud to present a Rob Parrish/Maurice Martin collaboration – Next To Heaven: Zombies! Maurice pitched in during Season 1 of NTH as well. That masterwork can be see at here.  Thanks Mo!


Sunday Supper – NTH 2.41

October 20th, 2011

To quote Pink Floyd . . . “just another brick in the Wall.”  Thanks to: my good friend and talented writer Gareth Branwyn for playing Brenda’s Son; Dan Tauge for allowing his wonderful artwork to be used in the film; Jayme McLellan for letting us shoot in her amazing art space – Civilian Art Projects. Finally, a shout out to Liz Martin and Will Judy. They sacrificed a cozy home of brick so that this film could be made.

Cartoon Beatles Acid – NTH 2.40

October 12th, 2011

My supplier from Oakland introduced me to his new product, “Animated Beatles Blotter” – Well, I had to try it. So begins our 40th episode of the season!

The last 12 episodes are going to be fun! We’ll have guests from the DC Art World — Victoria F. Gaitán and Jessika Dené Tarr! Also, super talented DC-based writer and raconteur Gareth Branwyn will star in film featuring the art of New Orleans artist Dan Tague. DC Playwright, Maurice Martin and I have collaborated on a zombie episode. We’ll also have the usual weirdness: episodes about taxidermy, invisible penises, and witches. So, you’re reading this deep into the description you’re likely a NTH fan. If so, please spread the word by e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks!

A B C – NTH 2.39

October 6th, 2011

The Washington City Paper on “A B C”: “This is either brilliant, straight-faced satire or one of the worst attempts at action movie dramatics this side of Uwe Boll.” Now, you, kind viewer, can decide for yourself — Brilliant or Worst!!

A B C was an official selection of this year’s DC Short Film Festival. I had a great time at the Festival. Thanks DC Shorts!

Here’s the back story of the film:

Max Cook, a DC-based professional photographer, wanted to experiment with the movie-making functions of his high-end digital SLR. He mentioned this to Arlington-based art photographer, Jason Horowitz (2011-2012 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship) at a party. In short order, Jason’s wife, Jackie Steven (Rosebud Film & Video Festival Director and Director of Community Programs at Arlington Independent Media) and Rob Parrish (Award winning video artist/filmmaker – Producer of the web-series Next To Heaven) were on board to make a movie.

Fueled by liquor and a rock band-like team spirit the group began work on a short film. Rob, who carries a back-load of scripts to be produced for his web-series, offered the group three scripts. The group picked one, made edits and dove into movie making. Jackie held the laboring oar on logistics and lighting. Max and Jason shot the film and Rob rummaged about the set telling the actors they looked good. Rob also cut the film.

“A B C” tells the story of two young criminals (played by Joey Ibanez and Bryan Norrington) who have come to the end of their violent ride. Cornered by the police, our anti-heroes still have a couple issues to work out. And therein hangs the tale.

Web links:
Max Cook
Jason Horowitz
Jackie Steven

Thanks also to Vanessa Strickland for her make-up work and Jeffery Horowitz for being our production assistant.

Titan – NTH 2.38

September 28th, 2011

A tip of the hat to one of the best cartoons ever made, the Ren & Stimpy “Space Madness” episode. This episode also features a “space jam” by my Plums band mates, Martha Hamilton and John Howard. A Long-Play-Party version of this episode is in the works, and will be offered for download soon. The LP version will be suitable for space themed parties, vision quests, out-of-body excursions, ect.

Sucrets – NTH 2.37

September 20th, 2011

Sometimes you just need to find a way to kill, to smoke, and to take one more step toward the grave.