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The Burn – NTH 2.3

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

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“Every few years we burned the whole town down . . .” Welcome to another world, not that far from our world.

Boiled Eggs – NTH 2.2

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

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Luck . . . it’s relative.

NTH Secrets Leak!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

My friend Maurice Martin has drafted up this thoughts regarding the launch of NTH Season 2 and posted them on his blog, Surly Robot.   Unfortunately, he gave away several of the secrets behind the “NTH method.”  As Maurice’s leaks are spreading like wildfire throughout the Internet, I figured I’d post the offending text here so that my loyal views could get a peek behind the NTH curtain.

“Robbie Parrish is at it again, kicking off season two of his hit internet video series Next To Heaven. You may remember that season one was loosely on the comic strip Funky Winkerbean AND served as the basis for the hit movie Tron: Legacy. Quite the semiotic sandwich!

Rob’s work is video alchemy–he takes modern art videos and, through the process of “inverse editing,” somehow transforms them into old public domain films. Damn if I know how he does it. I asked him once, and he gave me a long answer, but when he talks he gestures a lot with his hands and I find that distracting. The gist (I think) is that he takes a small snippet of the video–sometimes an individual frame–and tries to image an old movie from which the snippet might have been cut. Then he actually creates the movie around the snippet, giving it an imaginary ‘original context.’

Given that most of what he does looks like it was produced 50-80 years ago, you’d think Rob’s subtext would be “history is a lie” or some other pointy-headed blather. But no–almost all of his work is a thinly veiled plea for pastry reform. Also, he wants the government to subsidize banjo research. Now that I think about it, Rob’s really got some issues. And he needs to keep his hands still! Dammit, that’s annoying.

Here’s a link to the first episode of season two.  It don’t cost nothing, hear me?  Yeah, you do.”

I’m also happy to report that NTH got a very nice write up at by Ryan Kearney.  You can read it here.

Pot Girl – NTH 2.1

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

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Thanks Dawn and Paris for participating in the first episode of Season 2 of Next To Heaven! Dawn is an extremely talented jewelry designer. Please, please do a nice thing for yourself, check out her wares and buy at Poppi Shop.

Paris is one of my best buddies and a fine filmmaker. Check out his film adventures here.

It’s nice to be back on the weekly schedule. Lots of fun, odd, and beautiful videos to come!

Season 2 Press Release

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Next To Heaven Returns for a Second Season in 2011

What: Award-winning, surreal, funny, and disturbing remixes of vintage films and live action shorts

Where:,, or

When: Every Wednesday (starting on January 12, 2011)

Contact: Rob Parrish at

Preview: See three sneak peek episodes of Next To Heaven Season 2 here, here, and here!

Rob Parrish’s award-winning web series Next To Heaven is returning for a second season in 2011.  Season 1 was composed entirely of remixes of public domain film footage from the Internet Archive.  Season 2 will feature more public domain remixes as well as live action short films shot exclusively for the series.

Episode 33 from Season 1 (“The Tapes of My Father”) won a Rosebud Award, given for filmmaking excellence in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. “Rest”, a live action film to be part of Season 2 also won a Rosebud.  Episode 39 (“Eyebrow”) won the grand prize at the “Love” NewTeeVee Pier Screening in New York City.

Of Season 1 Film Couch’s Paul Moore said “[s]ometimes funny, sometimes tragic and always bizarre–Next to Heaven is an experimental series that simply would not have existed, much less been seen, pre-Internet . . . [Parrish has] created his own aesthetic.”

Karina Longworth writing for New Tee Vee said that NTH Season 1 fell into the genre of “the comedy of personal misery.”  She continues stating that: “[E]ach episode also works as a kind of convoluted joke. Throughout the series . . . you never see the punchline coming right away . . . . sometimes, it’s not until I’m laughing out loud that I remember that I’m watching a manipulation.”

Michel Tully of Hammer to Nail said “[M]y problem with the concept of webisodes is that I assumed people were going to only use the format to make low-rent, paper thin, one-dimensional soap operas and/or sitcoms.  And while many do, Parrish’s vision couldn’t be more different and exciting.”

Rob Parrish, a Baltimore, Maryland native, is an Arlington, VA based video artist and filmmaker. Rob’s work straddles the line between experimental narrative film and video art. By way of raw material, Rob favors the filmic equivalent of the rusty beer cans littering a scrubby patch of woods next to a highway. Much of his work uses discarded public domain media as raw material. Even the work not built from found footage often takes its inspiration from lost and damaged media, people, and places. Rob’s thematic concerns include: the beauty of the discarded; desire as the primary source of suffering; and the relativistic nature of human perception.

Rob’s work has been shown at The Baltimore Museum of Art, Transformer Gallery (DC), Civilian Art Space (DC), The Museum of the Americas (DC), Curator’s Office (DC), The Washington Project for the Arts (DC), The Fridge (DC), The Pioneer Theatre (NYC), DC Shorts (DC), and, Pixelodeon at the American Film Institute (Los Angeles, CA).

Next To Heaven Season 2 Trailer

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

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Less than one week away!